Monday, May 18, 2009

Due Wednesday 5/20 CyberCitizenry

Welcome to the RWLD's related to the topic of CyberCitizenry. The resources that I selected for you will take some time to complete (hear me out procrastinators ;-)). However, I feel that they are very important pieces to complement my lecture and great learning experience for all teachers and parents. It's very important that you watch both the "Growing Up Online" video and Personal Safety module at Each of these resources brings a very different perspective to the issue of CyberCitizenry.

But first, please take a few minutes to answer this anonymous survey. Responses will be aggregated to better understand the level of our participation (or absence) in cyberspace. We will look at the results during our lecture.

If you haven't yet, login and complete the Personal Safety module on the website.

Watch all 7 segments of the pbs feature “Growing Up Online”, and consider the questions below.

Questions to ponder after watching "Growing Up Online":
  • The program describes social networking sites as places where kids post pictures, accumulate friends, post messages to others and describe themselves. Social networking also allows young people to express themselves, experiment with different perspectives, and play with aspects of their identity. Do you think it would be possible to use social networking in the classroom to better facilitate students learning? Can you imagine an example to support your opinion?
  • Who should be responsible for teaching about cyber safety-- parents or school?
  • What is or should be a teachers’ role in students' online life?

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Anonymous said...

The Frontline report on teen internet life was awesome. I wish every teen and parent could watch it. (well I guess they can online...haha) In high school, the internet was very much a part of my life and now that I will be teaching in a high school setting, I only hope that I can relate just a little bit more to what my students are going through online.
Thank you!