Sunday, May 17, 2009

Due Tuesday 5/19 - Diversity in Media and the Classroom

Read about challenges in defining Multicultural Education and also about the areas of social transformation.

Read about “Key Characteristics of a Multicultural Curriculum” by P.Gorski

Watch the video “Misconceptions; Do’s and Don’ts of a 1st Year Teacher” created by Mississippi State University students about racial stereotypes

Read short article “Transforming Myself to Transform My School: with the special attention to “Ten Critical and Self-critical Things I Can Do to Be a Better Multicultural Educator:

Analyze short “State of the village report” from 2005
originally created in 1992 by Donella H. Meadows

Additional resources:

How to Tell if You Are a Racist? Consider the questions, answer to yourself.

Uses and Gratifications model of the media (Blumler and Katz)

Video “Tellin' Stories” about program designed to increase parental involvement and student achievement in America's public schools.
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