Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Due Friday 5/22 - Mobile and 1 to 1 Learning

This week we're going to explore some mobile technologies and 1:1 learning initiatives. During the lecture on March 25th, we're going to do some 1:1 activities so make sure you bring your laptop!

The first part of your RWLD is to listen to a webinar hosted by SIG 1:1 entitled Emergence of Ultramobiles in Education. It's about an hour long so allow yourself some time to view the whole webinar.

The next article discusses eleven ways to get the most out of a 1:1 laptop program. Eleven Tips for Better Laptop Learning by Jon Orech

Did you know that India is working on creating a laptop that costs $10? Here's an update on that project. A $10 Laptop? by Scott McLeod Make sure you visit the links off this blog and the comments at the end of this blog post for more information. This is very interesting!

Read about the Mission, Progress and People involved with the One Laptop Per Child Project (OLPC)
http://www.laptop.org/vision/index.shtml. Make sure you watch the short video on the homepage of the OLPC site.

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